Welcome to the World of Intralogistics

Set up in Malta in 1988, Storage Systems Malta Ltd. has today positioned itself as a leading one-stop-shop supplier for various forms of storage and logistic related equipment. Geared up for both the local as well as the north African markets, Storage Systems Malta Ltd. is committed to provide to its clients an immediate, professional and unique response to all storage necessities they might require. The company has today evolved into a dynamic team of over 25 dedicated individuals and collaborators who have collectively shaped up Storage Systems Malta Ltd from its infancy more than twenty years ago. During these years the company has been entrusted with numerous major logistics projects and countless other minor installations; all of which were successfully handled and implemented by Storage Systems Malta Ltd. to the delight and expectations of its ever increasing list of satisfied clients.

It is with these successful achievements in mind, built on a solid reputation that Storage Systems Malta Ltd. looks forward to be a key player in the ever-growing challenging future of intralogistics.

It's hard to think of another business area that offers companies such huge scope for rationalization and savings as the materials handling and logistics sector.

Although a relatively new and rarely used terminology intralogistics have today become a pivoting focus to companies and business all over the world, as it offers them a real potential to cut costs by optimizing operational storage space whilst developing a more effective and efficient way of materials handling solutions.

Until recently logistics was generally regarded as simply moving goods from Point A to Point B, and thus the potential savings offered by new in-plant materials handling, storage and logistics systems often tended to go unnoticed. But the industry's real potential for cost-reduction and innovation lies elsewhere: in the growing field of intralogistics. And it is specifically here were Storage Systems Malta Ltd. excels and stands out against its competitors and excels - in providing smart, innovative and cost effective storage solutions.